Logic Pro editing podcast

Podcasting – How to Start, Market, and Challenges

This week I get meta and tell you how the sausage is made with podcasting: why I started this podcast, how I structure them, how I publish and promote it, and hopefully rekindle something to keep going.

Creating things

I …

haunted house

Ghost Hunting – History, Techniques, and Cleansing

I light some candles, turn on a fog machine, and try to channel the other side. I learn all about ghosts across time and cultures, study common ghost hunting techniques, and try to detect paranormal activity in my house.

car dash

Hypermiling – Techniques for Efficient Driving

I squeeze every mile out of gallon of gas in my cars to save some money and just because I can. I try some safe and somewhat unsafe hypermiling techniques of making my gas guzzling cars more efficient while trying …

Ash with Waffle and Gus

Dog Grooming – Creative and Competitive

I grab some milkbone treats, tell my dog he’s a good boy, and give him a makeover. Through necessity, I learn how to groom my cockapoo, Waffle, and learn about dog grooming. I learn about the controversial world of creative …


Reddit – The Front-page of the Internet

I scroll endlessly through Reddit, the so called “front-page of the Internet”, and go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole in an effort to learn something useful to justify the time I spend on the largest community-based site on the …

coffee on camp fire

Coffee – From Cuba to Chemex

This week I grind medium roast beans fine but not too fine, I get the water the exact right temperature, and I use one of the many coffee brewing techniques to try to make the perfect cup of coffee.