Hitchhiking – Travel and See the World for Free

This week I learn all about hitchhiking. I’m curious about people who throw caution to the wind, stick out a thumb, and roll the dice on getting where they’re going without getting murdered. Do people hitch out of necessity or …

Mount Everest

Climbing Everest – Dangers, Costs, and Climbers

This episode is a bit different. When I learn about a hobby, I set out to actually try it. Obviously, it’s not going to happen with climbing Everest, but after reading Into Thin Air, probably the most popular account of …

Autocross – Easiest way to race your car

This episode go to an autocross event to get behind the wheel and floor it through cones trying to not spin out. I talk about my history with used, German cars, learning to repair them on a shoestring budget.

spartan race

I run the Spartan Race with no prep

There are maybe a handful of hobbies more physical than obstacle races and the Spartan Race is the most popular. I underestimate the race, confirm what I know about myself, and learn about heat stroke the hard way.

Hikaru Dorodango, Meditation with Dirt

I go hands on with Hikaru Dorodango, the Japanese art of making shiny mud balls. I grab a handful of dirt from my backyard and give it a try, and uncover a myth I never considered along the way. 

Mooing Competitions and Reality TV

One of the more unusual hobbies, mooing. Making animal noises is strange enough but competitive mooing in the 80s laid the ground work for reality TV competitions.